Our Highest Possibility

How to be human in the 21st century?

"Glimpses of my book"

"Beyond all our self-imposed barriers and limitations, lies the change we seek,

the breathtaking beauty and mystery of the touch - the wings we were born with."

During an unusual journey with the most exceptional leaders that ever have been walking on this planet, we tell the story of our deepest human vulnerability, our unbroken inner strength and the unthinkable beauty of the human mind and life. (Mission Human Innovation)

A book about hope, consolation and the possibility of a fundamental transformation in a very complex and unpredictably changing world with strongly increasing polarisations and highly escalating mental tensions;

an answer to the many crises of our time;

about a new self-aware leadership based on our psychological source of mental power.

A practical guide that offers insight into the depth of our emotional vulnerability.

A path to the source of our deepest potential – our highest possibility.

Patrick published in 2009 a book about the new psychology of mental health: The Ultimate Challenge (in Dutch).

The book was awarded by the Belgian Coaches in 2010.

It was the forerunner of the worldwide revolution in meditation, yoga and mindfulness in which the author was involved.

Praise for Entering Our Highest Possibility

“A compelling and thought-provoking narrative.”

Michelle Vagi, Executive Editor

“The vivid and enlightening prose will captivate readers and leave them reflecting on their lives and the changes they can make for a better, more fulfilled life.”

Alexander Holiday, Head of Editorial

“A powerful and aspirational read.”

Jade Robertson, International Publishing Director

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