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Our Highest Possibility

How to be human in the 21st century?

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"Glimpses of my book"

"Beyond all our self-imposed barriers and limitations, lies the change we seek,

the breathtaking beauty and mystery of the touch - the wings we were born with."

Praise for Entering Our Highest Possibility

“A compelling and thought-provoking narrative.”

Michelle Vagi, Executive Editor

“The vivid and enlightening prose will captivate readers and leave them reflecting on their lives and the changes they can make for a better, more fulfilled life.”

Alexander Holiday, Head of Editorial

“A powerful and aspirational read.”

Jade Robertson, International Publishing Director


Glimpse 1:

Our Emotional Vulnerability

“Your playing small does not serve the world. Who are you not to be great?”

Nelson Mandela

“We are making use of only a small part of our possible mental and physical resources.”

William James

“You have capacities within you that are phenomenal if you only knew how to release them.”

David Bohm


Our mind is our most powerful, and our most vulnerable and unknown human resource. We live a fraction of our potential. This is a book about entering the most valuable power of your life, the power that is the source of your knowing, being and doing, the deepest resource from which we all operate, the ground of human growth, mental health and genuine well-being – unthinkable and beyond our intellect. It is the power that affects everything you do, feel, think and become – the power to change your life. It allows us to see the magnificence of our existence and the incredible beauty of our mind.

We live on an extraordinary planet in an astonishing universe, and yet, chronic stress, sleeping disorders and stress have reached epidemic proportions and the biggest health threats facing the world are depression[1] and burn-out. Our poor minds are restless, confused and overloaded. Our attention is disrupted and characterised by an unparalleled volatility. Life has always been about finding balance between challenges and changes, but today, we are facing more radical changes than ever before in human history.


How do we lead ourselves from a fraction to the fullness of our potential? How do we enter our highest possibility: creatively and successfully responding to the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s world, while remaining rooted in a balanced, clear, meaningful and empowered state? How can we still be human in the 21st century?

Our Ongoing Inner Struggle:

We are restless; we are confused; we are overloaded

The Signs:

Chronic stress; sleep disorders; burnout;  addictions; an epidemy of depression; anxiety; health problems; violence...

Our Ongoing Challenges: 

The current pandemic; unpredictable leaders; terrorism; hyper destructive weapons; climate change;

artificial intelligence; virtual realty; brain/cloud fusion; quantum computers; nano technology; space colonization; genome editing toolkits; 82 million extra humans per year...

How will our vulnerable mind balance all these changes and challenges? What political system or scientific theory can provide us a solution? What if our thoughts became outdated beliefs, or rigid dogmas that changed our lives into prisons? What if our emotions, energising all our thoughts and actions, became narrowing and destructive?

Education systems worldwide are bombarding us with more and more information. The new social media are increasingly overloading us. We became the prisoners of our thoughts and emotions. We started to live in our head and forgot that our mind is not our life. When separating beliefs and contracting emotions merge, we struggle in a fraction of our possibilities.

For more than 90% of his time, the average person lives in thoughts. We can’t stop them anymore. They became our self-made prison. We became absorbed, we identified with them. Our mind created its own limitations and restrictions.


We became colonized by our thoughts and emotions, unable to see the magnificent beauty of our own mind.

It seems to me that our most phenomenal human resources cannot be released by more thoughts. We need a fundamentally new approach.


To be continued…



An unusual journey with the most exceptional leaders that ever have been walking on this planet, we tell the story of our deepest human vulnerability, our unbroken inner strength and the unthinkable beauty of the human mind and life. (Mission Human Innovation)

A book about hope, consolation and the possibility of a fundamental transformation in a very complex and unpredictably changing world with strongly increasing polarisations and highly escalating mental tensions;

an answer to the many crises of our time;

about a new self-aware leadership based on our psychological source of mental power.

A practical guide that offers insight into the depth of our emotional vulnerability.

A path to the source of our deepest potential – our highest possibility.

Patrick published in 2009 a book about the new psychology of mental health: The Ultimate Challenge (in Dutch).

The book was awarded by the Belgian Coaches in 2010.

It was the forerunner of the worldwide revolution in meditation, yoga and mindfulness in which the author was involved.


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